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The family bible one of the most foundational tools for being sovereign believe it or not ladies and gentlemen people all over are trying to reverse the contracts that they've given away unknowingly their rights to become slave 14th amendment statutory citizens under a de facto government corporations private bylaws as a presumed employee of this big corporation and people are trying to reverse their contracts that everything from the birth certificate which has made you a slave / property of the big de facto government corporation and everything else thereon in marriage certificate driver's licenses social security card applications voter registration Selective Service all these things and there are ways to reverse and discharge those contracts there's a lot there's a lot of different theories out there we have my own stuff and why I believe in in that however the processes of people are doing and the ways to reversal that may become more difficult as time goes on they may not even Demi become close to impossible and I think that people are missing the boat and everyone's focusing on me me me me me me me people wait until they get arrested they wait until they get into a situation and then they want to go and learn how they can become a private citizen once again or they get a couple of you know traffic tickets instead of just paying the tickets people want to people want to fight that and they want to argue that they don't have to have a license to drive because you know bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and it's it's much better to take a preventative affirmative approach before you need it okay and there are ways that you can go about becoming a in America national a private citizen a secured party creditor and we have those tools on our website in the description link below however the purpose of this video is to share the idea the invitation that why don't we focus on educating the next generation because it's it's very hard and very difficult for us to get out of all these contracts there's there's so many we're so we're almost so deep and having such an you know hundreds of nooses around our neck already to take them all off you know one at a time is a lot of work okay it's more than just in my humble opinion you can't just sign the declaration that you're a private citizen you can just sign one declaration and post on a public record and have everybody acknowledge it they're not going to acknowledge it they're still going to give you a ticket to still go to arrest you may be traveling in your car with no driver's license they're still going to arrest you there's a lot more to it than that that is not the purpose of this video that is the purpose of our status correction course which you can see on our website at understand contract law new in calm and you can click on status correction course you can watch four or five free webinars you can read the reviews here overwhelming positive feedback that's not the point of this video is status...